Ethic, altruism, and (un)selfishness or: Why we (institutionally) up bringing and (re)educates our children?


Nowadays when we start with institutional up bringing of children (children that are not our own), we as teachers have to be familiar with honesty and ethics of this kind of up bringing methods. There are no black or white solutions in the dilemma what’s really good for somebody else – in this case for child. The point of many discussions about education are to increase awareness in acknowledging the role and meaning of some educational activity and it’s broad influence on the development of all fundamental fields of child’s development. It may seem as nothing disputable – also an ambition with ethic-altruistic grounds. We can’t argue the ethics, but when we look at it strictly theoretically, there are foundations of egoism in the nature of institutional acts themselves too. That doesn’t bother, but it is good to know.

Keywords: philosophy, ethic, psychoanalysis, education, up bringing, values, egoism.

Roman Vodeb