Punishment in education


Punishment and disciplining are two processes which we often come across in a family, in school as well as in the society. The article defines punishment in the process of moral education and as a means of disciplining. Contemporary educational principles are shown; they are a result of control and punishment in a family and school in the past. Besides the educational function, school itself is taking on a bigger share in socialization and disciplinary function and has an important role in its relation to a family. Today as in the past, the question is asked again and again: how to educate properly. School regulations, which clearly define offences of school rules and different disciplinary measures or sanctions, are presented as well. As the author of this article I am asking myself a question whether at the beginning of the twenty-first century it is at all acceptable to consider the educational value of punishment.

Keywords: punishment, morality, disciplining, control, family upbringing, corporal punishment, disciplinary measures.

Ana Trtnik