Boarding school like motivation environmet for resocialization addict

Discussions and Investigations

The basic characteristics of people, who accept the addiction behaviour is, that they have no roots in the “life triangle”: partnership (family), profession and society. For a healthy development a human being needs beside his own abilities challenges from the environment which provide sufficient motivation energy to enable his full activity in all three above stated important life areas. Human behaviour is consisted of four components, which represent behaviour of the first and behaviour of the second rank. What will be an individual’s choice in terms of behaviour depends only on the self motivation, relationship (human) motivation and environment motivation. The motivation energy is a condition for human behaviour. In boarding school in group we can implement environment and group dinamics, which assures resocialization of student (addict). The question wich arises is, what kind of environment and how manys students can a group accept so that it still assures normal developemnt of a group and indvidiuals in it.

Keywords: boarding school, environment, behaviour, motivation, relationship.

Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Ph.D. Metod Černetič