Marketing of services in boarding school

Discussions and Investigations

The main topic of the investigation thesis is the marketing of services of boarding schools in Slovenia. The need of the marketing, marketing mix, marketing information system and marketing strategy were acknowledged.The marketing research has been performed to confirm our hypothesis that the boarding schools meet various problems due to the demographic changes. The activities in the large and the small cities were compared.The implementation of the natural resources of the region was discovered. We have investigated to what extent the boarding schools are active in the marketing, who performed the activities, how much money is invested in it, which methods are used, the importance of the quality, the satisfaction of their customers, the relationship with the competitors, and to what extent the boarding schools are open towards EU. Finally, our conclusions were summoned and our recommendations were stated.

Keywords: boarding school, marketing, quality, satisfaction, marketing mix.

Mirjana Kozmi, Goran Vukovič