Cooperation with parents on different way

From Practice to Practice

“Let us create the atmosphere of trust” is the title of a project concerning cooperation with parents, which was realized in the school year 2002/2003 by educators employed in a dormitory Dijaški dom Poljane. Its aim was to create a better contact between parents and their daughters. As far as education of youngsters is concerned, parents are offered help in a slightly different way as has been in practice before. The project is realised in a form of a workshop, offering to parents as well as educators of a dormitory Dijaški dom Poljane  an opportunity to exchange their pedagogical experience concerning their interaction with youngsters in a most straightforward and unobtrusive way. Moreover, actual problems of everyday family situations were treated in a form of a role-play, demonstrating conversation between family members. The roles of family members (father, mother and daughter) were performed by students. After having analysed the behaviour of family members in the play (according to the theory of choice by W. Glasser), parents realised how important it is to make mutual agreements based on compromises when helping their youngster in the process of growing up.

Keywords: boarding school, parents, trust, based.

Dragan Trampuž, Eli Lavrič, Lidija Vranešič Florjanc