The dietary habits of Ivan Cankar’s boarding school

From Practice to Practice

An “innovative project” entitled “The dietary habits of high-school students” was carried out in the High-school dormitory Ivan Cankar, Ljubljana, during the school year 2001-2002. Its purpose was to address a topic not completely covered in the curricculum. We believe the topic to be important since our students are mostly teenagers, of an age when most of them are trying to define themselves and when the number of questions by far exceeds the number of answers they are able to find. Their dietary habits relate also to their obsession with their visual appearance and weight. The results shall also help us to give better advice to students regarding the consequences of bad dietary habits. We found evidence of positive trends due to improved menu in the past few years, but they may be offset by wide availability of junk food.

Keywords: boarding school, dietary habits, obssesion, weight.

Vojka Viler Krivec