The support to the autonomy of adolescent at his participation in the boarding-school council activities

From Practice to Practice

(Entertaiment committee as an example of an efficient practice)

The tutors at The Centre for Training the Physically Disabled Youth in Kamnik are confronted with characteristic patterns of behaviour such as lack of initiative, being passive, dependent, they have poorly developed working habits …The main aim of our work is to encourage the independence of adolescents and the patterns of behaviour mentioned above present a serious obstacle to achieve it. The thorough study of physically disabled children and the earlier stages of their mental development have enabled us to understand their characteristic behaviour better. This has proved very helpful with planning our work especially the activities related to educational process. We have been trying to change the existing patterns of behaviour and replace them with activeness, initiative and self-esteem. Our experiences so far have shown the important role of entertainment . This year we started the independent project ZOOD which includes entertainment shows that give the physically disabled adolescents an opportunity to take an active part in various activities. This enables them to experience success and self-conformation.

Keywords: tutors, physically disabled adolescents, patterns of behaviour, early development, educational methods, the boarding school council, independence, autonomy, entertainment, project ZOOD, self-confirmation, to experience success.

Samira Šabič, Mojmir Mavrič