How is co-ownership linked with company

Discussions and Investigations

The purpose of research, qualitative study of the case, in company Primit d. o. o. was to get known with deeper understanding of employees about influence of shared ownership to growth of company and in connection with it importance of shared ownership to their relations to work. The goal of researching study is to find theoretical basis for determination of growth of company and reasons for its growth as well as to find main categories of reasons for growth of the company that are giving recommendations for practical work according to statements of research. Theoretical starting points for growth of companies that are making possible comparison with categories got by analysis of interviews are determined in this study. Following researching question was set: “What would be your attitude to work, if you are co-owner of the company?” This question was basis for half-structured interviews with three persons.
Analysis of the answers was main source for making categories that helped answering researching question. Main statements are that the importance of co-ownership in company is really big and brings motivation of employees as well as make them ready for better working; co-owners are feeling strong personal connection with the company. They put a lot of importance to the profit of the company as well as co-ownership means a kind of breaking monopolism of few leading people in the company. 

Alojz Klaneček