Programmes for youth in Slovenian Non-government non-profit organizations

Discussions and Investigations

Non-government non-profit organizations (hereinafter called NNO) provide additional services to the society thereby supplementing the deficient capacities of the governmental organizations and contributing to the quality of life of the population and to the development of the society. Due to the strong competition (for funding) in the market NNO involve in their activities experts with a lot of social and intellectual capital which represents an additional advantage and assures good work. Of course NNO have their deficiencies and limitations and cannot entirely replace the governmental institutions. They however can very well supplement the supply of services of a welfare state. As a rule NNO offer those kinds of services that the public institutions do not perform or supply. Therefore they are in spite of their weaknesses very perhaps vitally important for democratic post-modern society. They represent an alternative to the public non-profit organizations (institutions) which cannot meet all more and more diverse and changed needs of the young. The increasing poverty and social exclusion of the young as a result of a flexible labour market, deteriorating of social function of the family and of the system of social welfare makes it necessary that the social security network becomes denser. The governmental (public) institutions need to be supplemented by NNO and informal groups for self-assistance. 

Keywords: social care, non-governmental non-profit organizations, assistance, programmes for youth. 

Tadeja Rink, Janja Lesjak