The educators of boarding schools and environment motivation

Discussions and Investigations

Exchange and migration of social, intellectual, cultural, and economic capital is an everyday fact of life. The communication environment, indeed horizon is broadening and offers new and different development opportunities to the organization as well as to the employees. The employees receive diverse motivational energy from the environment which is a condition for their work and for the development of the organization. By means of a research comprising six research questions, six boarding schools and fifty-eight of staff the fact how the inner environment affects the motivation was investigated (determined). It was found out that the boarding schools as non-profit organizations offer adequate conditions for the professional development of the employees and for the development of the organization. Due to the generalization of the questions the results of the research may be transferred into a different organizational environment. 

Keywords: boarding school, educator, environment, motivation, leadership. 

Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Ph.D. Metod Černetič