The impact of information on schoolboys’ desisions by selecting the study.

Discussions and Investigations

Due to heavy pressure of electronic and printed media young people decide with great difficulties on matters important for them. One of these deciding is the choice of course for study at the university. It is not easy to choose between the already stable selection of information and new information which multiply before every year’s entry to the university. Choices are influenced by opinions of individuals and groups, absorption of new information and activities in discussions. Through school’s educational process opinion on possibilities and options of candidates for entry changes because they are submitted to different informational influences. Individuals try to change disharmony in relation to the certain  standpoint in consonance which represents prior self – protection behavior. In interaction with others they perceive weak points of education sistem and the level of information they actually have on applying and entering to the university. 

Keywords: information society, new information, media, opinion, discordance. 

Stanislav Kink