Education of adult educators – the presumtion for quality work in adult education

International Collaboration

The paper deals with the issue of education of adult educators like the presumtion for quality work in adult education. It analyzes some basic starting points in the education of the adult teachers, which is a separate part of the formal, informal and non-formal forms of education. In regard to this there is an attempt to connect up to date achievements in the sphere of education of the adult educators with the future perspectives in Croatia. In that sense there is a striving to put an emphasis on the various education models of adult educators which would contribute to the professionalization of the adult educators practice. It would also help in the professionalisation of teachers which take part in planning, performance and evaluation of the activity of the adult educators as well as in the development and advancement of the theory and practice of the adult educators (teachers). 

Keywords: adult education, educators, changes. 

Ph.D. Anita Klapan