Pedagogical staff and responsibility in relationship

Discussions and Researches

The pedagogical profession is staffed with people from different social environments, with different habits and behavioural patterns. They are expected to perform their mission in a responsible way and to act with the view of achieving the objectives set to them by the society and the educational institutions. However, the fact is that some pedagogical professionals have their peculiar behavioural patterns which may classify them to the group of people that again may in terms of sexual abuse be designated as a risk group. In our research carried out on a random sample of female pupils of high schools and university students and graduates of various faculties we focused on three crucial questions: do the professors molest pupils or students, which types of behaviour are recognizable and which forms of abuse is practised by professors. 

Keywords: behaviour, realationships, responsibility, female student, school, professor. 
Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Ph.D. Metod Černetič