Unsuitable relationships among the children in a family or at school

Discussions and Researches

Contrary to some convictions the families and schools are not always systems of high order and risk free, the numerous practical cases and results of scientific research the humanistic – constructivistic pedagogical trends search for ways how to act under the conditions of risks when they turn up. The basic approach is provided by an in depth recognition of the factual situation in which an individual may be found. The issue of the paper is focused to reflections on unsuitable social relationships and body contacts that happen among the children at school and in family and the adults fail to take notice of them, or they ignore them and reduce them to children’s games or do not perceive them as situations where a child is exposed to violence. Many improper behaviour types in children as per their manifestation and consequences that may occur can be considered/examined in the context of violence. Accepting some contemporary pedagogical tendencies which emphasise the role of school in the primary prevention of several types of problems we wish to emphasise its respective role in pedagogical education and co-operation with parents as essential conditions for promotion of educational, emotional, and social function of a family. 

Keywords: unsuitable relationships, family, children exposed to risk, school, violence, primary prevention. 

dr. Jasminka Zloković