Public administration between legality and effectiveness

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It is most certainly necessary to regulate the public administration within the legislative bodies in order to ensure the legality of its operation and thus its compliance to the principles of a juridical state. However, the regulation by the legislative bodies is at the same time also the obstacle to the affective operation of the public administration. Is deregulation of the principle of legality and use the modern principles of management the solution for the increase in the efficiency of the public administration? Efficiency of controls depends on their range, depth and frequency. Classic types of control lack organizational and technological possibilities. Range and frequency of control influence its objectivity. The results of control that are limited to parts of a process or on individual matter are therefore misleading and do not contribute to the control function. 

Keywords: communication, public administration, control of processes, efficiency. 

M.Sc. Bojan Vavtar, Ph.D. Drago Mežnar, Ph.D. Metod Černetič