Privately owned company and dealing in boarding school

Reflection and Educational Models

Primit d. o .o. is a privately owned company dealing with insurance services. In the global – informational competition it successfully keeps the jobs of their employees and generates profit. Due to the special type of services the company produces entering into new markets which in turn means engaging young people is among its strategic objectives. With this in view the company is preparing a project to be offered to boarding schools. The main objectives of the project are: to promote Primit d.o.o. in broader surroundings, to boost profits, to offer training to young people where they would acquire new knowledge and skills in selling the insurance services and thereby get opportunity of earning some money. One of the objectives of the project is also providing the young people the possibility of creative spending their free time which is the best way of prevention of addictions. 

Keywords: Company Primit Ltd., boarding school, students, co-operation, education. 

Alojz Klaneček