Tutors and upbringing/education – reflections

Reflection and Educational Models

The upbringing and the tutor’s role in the process of upbringing and in the pupils’ boarding house is the central topic of this paper.

The complex of crucial topics – issues is linked to the significance of education and to interaction, relationships of pupils in the pupils’ boarding house. The author of these professional reflections elucidates the difference between the tutor in the pupils’ boarding house and the teacher in the high school. Due to the nature of their work which includes and requires social and emotional intelligence the tutors are as opposed to the high school teachers a specific type of educational profession. The constitutional foundations of each of these institutions remain open for discussion and represent the origin of similarities (a professor is partly a tutor) and differences between the two of them. 
Key words: boarding house, tutors, pupils, self-image, inter-action. 
Primož Vresnik