Youth boarding school in Klagenfurt

Reflection and Educational Models

The youth boarding house in Klagenfurt is situated outside of Slovenia. The paper is about the history, development, the role, funding, and organization of this boarding house. In the second half of 70s and at the beginning of 80s the Slovene Schools Association under the auspices of the Union of Slovene Organizations adopted new guidelines in the field of pre-school and out- of-school upbringing of youth. It soon turned out that the decision to pay more attention to pre-school upbringing and to create modern conditions for the out-of–school activities of pupils and students is correct and really future oriented. In spite of the changed and manifold activities the core task remains the boarding house itself. 

Keywords: pupils, Slovenian School Association, youth boarding house, upbringing and education, funding, development. 

mag. Jože Blajs