Against drugs with suitable communication and obligatory sport activities

Theory and Practice

Economic changes, (un)employment of the population, social stratification and other critical circumstances have a stressful impact. This is also felt by adolescents who respond to stress in various ways. With the expansion of the European Union to 25 Member States, the phenomenon of drugs and drug abuse has spread as well. For the period from 2005 to 2012, this area has outlined strategies which are to decrease the supply of and demand for drugs with its operative goals and actions. As a pedagogical worker in a hostel, I approach these problems and the young population in general with suitable communication tools. I also find that getting to know the youth is of great importance. I consciously act predictably and responsibly in creating unstrained and firsthand amicable relations. Adequate and friendly communication soothes everyday stress. On this basis I want to upgrade my work by guiding the youth into suitable selective, obligatory and guided sporting activities.

With active control of everyday life they are to acquire a sense of safety and self-respect. This should enable them to do without drugs more easily. 
Key words: social stratification, European Union, drug phenomenon, pedagogical worker’s approach, suitable communication, adolescents, sport. 
Dario Sadovnik