Influences of free time activities on healty life style

Theory and Practice

We are more and more occupied with how to motivate young people for different activities in their spare time. The inactivity among other effects on increasing the number of problem students. We find the positive students active also in their free time. Spending free time activly demands certain efforts and relaxation, so adolescents have less time for going to parties where alcohol, tobacco and drugs are present. Lack of ethnical principals among young people consequently leads to a void, which shows with increased use of drugs, violence, psychic disorders and suicides. Nowadays parents are afraid to give demands and make rules for their children, they are so helpless during the child’s upbringing that they want to leave it to the school. On the other hand, they pity them, saying that because of school children can not attend domestic duties, what was taken for granted in the past. Some children even get payed for this kind of work and do not spend that money rationaly.

There is still a big lap in young people knowledge about drugs and their effect on people. Educationist do not have enough knowledge about how to deal with drug addicts and there is not enough cooperation between institutions.We have to be aware that high school students have their own style of living and it is hard for us to change it. The most we can do is to educate and call attention of the adolescents. We see the biggest problem in young people’s rights, they are more and more protected and they use their spiritual energy and strenght for selfpitiness, so it is importaint for them to realize that life is a big gift, which on the other hand demands a lot from us. 
Key words: Spear time, drugs, boarding school, family. 
Nada Jarc Šarenac