Physical education against drugs

Theory and Practice

Since drugs, violence, lack of sport and unhealthy eating habits are so widespread in our society, it is necesarry to offer the young the opportunity to learn basic values, promote social integration as well as friendship. It is not always easy to select such a sports activity that will be on the one hand interesting and challenging for the youngsters and that will on the other hand satisfy the needs of participants and other groups such as parents, educators, teachers, in short the world of adults and the society as a whole respectively.

The aim of physical education is to systematically exercise influence on youngsters, their attitude towards sport and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore with a regular and quality educational process, we select such aims, contents and methods as to contribute to a healthy development of the students already in their first school years. At the same time students are encouraged to join sports activities in their leisure at school as well as out of it.

The high school students have a possibility to choose among the proposed sports activities, namely in the first part of the schooling ( the first and the second year) one quarter of the lessons can be selected and two quarters in the second part of the schooling (the third and the fourth year). We set up the project of implementing optional sports activities together with the advisors from the Ministry of education and sport and have implemented it in various programmes of technical and vocational education. Based on favourable response and a thorough analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, we put forward a few changes in order to update the education programme, accepted in the years 1998 and 1999. 

The desire for pleasure and excitement, which is one of the most common reasons for the young to start drug abuse, can also be satisfied with taking part in sport since it produces » the same feeling of pleasure and excitement«. Moreover, sport releases positive energy and produces emotional intensity, that is why we strongly believe that sport, as everyday activity of the children and the young as well as the style of life, is a great advantage over drugs.

Key words: drugs, drug abuse, youngsters, physical education, organization of sports activities. 

Milan Knez