Preventive and active spedning free time

Theory and Practice

The idea for this work – activities we found with every days work, when we have realized that pupils don’t use their free time properly as they should, usually even noxious for their health. From our experiences we noticed that more and more pupils who come to boarding school are individualists and spoiled. Precisely this generation is mostly susceptible for some dangers present in large urbane centres. There are more and more pupils, with no right motivation for learning, which is usually connected with very bad knowledge from previous schooling. More and more pupils have recourse to bad habits such as nicotine, alcohol and other, even stronger drugs. To give them alternative we made a program how to spend their free time actively. 

To pupils who shown some interests at very beginning were more than we expected, therefore we present them our program of activities. The point was to acquaint them with all activities and way of work we have imagined. They agreed with our suggestions and add some of their own ideas, which we considered and accepted. We organized working groups where they expressed their talents, where they strengthened their self image, which is very important for successful schooling and their life.
Key words: pupils, boarding school, preventive work, self-image. 
Franc Tehovnik, Neža Ahčin, Nataša Taljan