The influence of style of leadership on the number of breaking dormitory rules

Theory and Practice

The art of leading is becoming very important in today society since there are no successfull results in any organization without cooperation and a good leader. My research is based on educators in a dormitory and I’m trying to discover how the style of the leadership influences on the number of breaking dormitory rules by highscool children. Considering three styles of leaderhip mentioned by Lewins & coworkers and the results of their research I supposed that the students of democratic educators will have the lowest number of broken dormitory rules.

My results are more complexed as I originally supposed. The result of my reseach show that the style of leadership or the use of specific educational measure has an affect on the number of breaking dormitory rules by highscool children because there is a significant larger number of students breaking rules in some educational groups. Educators that have more direct educational work with students and a better relationship with them and that are aware when it is important to insist on students to consider rules and when it is not so important have less problems with children breaking dormitory rules.
Key words: leadership, rules, dormitory, educator, students of secundary education. 
Vesna Jančar