The Code of Hammurabi III.

Contenporary Literature in Education

The Code of Hammurabi consists of three one-act plays, numbered with Roman numerals I, II and III thereby constituting a trilogy. The first part of the Code of Hammurabi presents the sexual violence, the second one manipulation in the world of consumption and the third the commercial telephone fortune telling. The fortune teller in the said dramatic work undertakes a number of informal roles from the adviser in everyday life, social worker and even to the tutor – pedagogue … Code of Hammurabi III presents various people and their telephone calls to the fortune telling telephone number. Different calls, different destinies. The Code of Hammurabi III is a story for stage about the loneliness and distress, about childhood and youth, of the middle age and the sorrows of the contemporary, modern world. It seems that the fortune teller in this drama is overflowing with the advice which to many a caller turns out to be educational suggestions and recommendations. 

Primož Vresnik