How long will the historians fancy that it is possible to know something about history?

Reflection and Researches

The author is problematicizing conception of historical truth in connection with the antic Olympic Games. He is indirectly putting under question the whole current methodology of historians. Indirectly and alternatively he is offering a psychoanalytical understanding of mentality as a subsidiary method of acquaintance and interpretation of some historical events. His focus is the antic Olympic games and the women’s sport or women’s presence in the games of that time. His understanding of competitiveness paradigm (agon) is based on Freud’s concept of the Oedipus complex and castration as well as the theory of libido (sexuality). To explain the Pavzania’s travel narrative about the Ancient Greece he uses classical Freudian (psychoanalytical) method, which differs essentially from explanations given by classical historians. The author’s approach to historical events is radically different from approach of current historians. 

Keywords: history, psychoanalyse, antic Olympic game, Oedipus complex, castration, gender differences. 

M.Sc. Roman Vodeb