Witch from Zgornja Davča – permissive parenting style in the stage play

Contenporary Literature in Education

Permissive parenting style, a sign of a spoilt child, represents the life from its easier way and has been occurring as a phenomenon in the society since the early 70s. It is not only a child-raising problem but also a status of the society that still lives in some shapes and in some segments of it. Although we live in the social era where people like to risk, the problem has rooted itself firmly in the part of the society that imagines their lives without any effort, declining or force. The article deals with the problem through the eyes of belles-lettres. Playwright Rudi Šeligo represents the problem of modern society through »Čarovnica iz Zgornje Davče« – the middle class, indulging in pleasures and irresponsibility. This creation of litterature opens, subjects and handles with the problem of paganity in a person and in the society. 

Keywords: permissive parenting style, comfort, spoiling, paganity, demonic, mythical, consuming, unimaginative, capitalism, socialism, literature, stage play. 

Primož Vresnik