Authentic image of a boarding school community – an example of good practice

Discussions and Researches

The paper focuses on the educator’s role in a boarding school community and compares it with the role of a teacher in an alternative school, e.g. Waldorf school, and with a counsellor in a school or in a boarding school. In the time of globalisation, the profession of an adviser is recognisably a very difficult one since the students face many conflicting influences. (The educator may in his work base himself on fundamental ideas of a school advisory service, the paradigm of theatrical pedagogy while considering the role of a tutor, teachings of spiritual leaders on how to raise the young, and the sketchy code of conduct for the advisers in the student residences). In his daily work the adviser has the growth of the residence community at heart coupling it with the personal growth of each individual. The upbringing of students is not exclusively based on the hedonistic values of the young; rather it includes the moral, social and spiritual values of the adults. The paper addresses ethical principles of educator’s work. 

Keywords: community, shaping of a personality, ethics of mutual relations, professional autonomy, pro-social education, adviser, boarding school. 

Ph.D. Bogomir Novak, Štefanija Jaksetič Dujc