Biotechnology and education’s role: perspectives from south Asia

Discussions and Researches

The 21st century opened with readjustments in the world’s sociopolitical and economic structures. Among these, scientific and technological progress in the life sciences and modern biotechnology is continuing at a breathtaking pace. Unfortunately, the voice of educational profession is hardly heard around the South Asia area. Seeing that, I would like to try to take an educational standpoint to ponder over biotechnology influences and its significances to educators. Adopting a discourse analysis, this paper ascertains the social and culture meanings of developing biotechnology and education’s role under current hegemonic shift in south Asian countries. This paper will attempt to avoid the intellectual trap of the necessary conflicts between science and humanity, instead, to create a new educational vision for the coming technology discovery. Following this direction, this paper is to elaborate the system of researches in this mainstream technology, mainly through literature review, with assistant information from clinical researchers’ focus group interviews. By reflecting in education’s role, I would like to clarify the meaning and position of educators under the trend of life sciences and biotechnology development. 

Keywords: biotechnology, education’s role, perspective, south Asia. 

Ph.D. Robin Jung-Cheng