Boarding schools and implementing of change

Discussions and Researches

Boarding schools are the educational organizations have an objective among others to improve the quality and standard of education. They play an important role in the system of education. There is by all means an explicit need of co-ordination with the interested organizations from the environment which is an important element of their success. In this paper we will deal with educational organizations, their objectives will be defined from the point of view of their organizational aims which need to be attainable, coordinated, measurable and stimulating. Further, we will deal with policy and strategy of development of the organization. We will hypothesise that the objectives of education are derived from the human need for education and that is the reason why organizations are set up to satisfy this need. A further hypothesis will be that the objectives of all participants are both, internal and external, economic- social (political) and psychological. We believe that individuals, organizations and state have many of these objectives in common but some of them, however, are not shared. The successfulness in satisfying the educational needs depends on the mutual co-ordination of all interested parties. The educational system is an open system where the changes happen on various levels, organizational, social, cultural, environmental, and on the level of external reform of education. 

Keywords: Boarding schools, planning of education, organizational objectives, organizational changes. 

Ph.D. Metod Černetič, M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič