Partnership of parents and teachers in creating the education function

Discussions and Researches

The association of family and school is in many developed countries considered an important component of social and educational policy. The paper sets out some arguments which in modern times lead us to the need of competent, continuous and active linking of family and school in order to fulfil as efficiently as possible one of the functions essential for the child’s development – educational function. The progress on all levels of social development to which human and social development are the compatible interests – shall be accompanied by the progress of education. This undoubtedly goes for the aspect of co-operation with the parents. Considering the situations which are noted in everyday life in pedagogy, it is necessary to emphasize the need to redesign the practice which occasionally ignores the child’s family or approaches their problems statically, one-sidedly and formalistically not paying attention to the real needs and to the complexity of the situation in which the child and the family are. In a series of competences and modern “literacies” which are expected in a teacher this refers to the need of extending and streamlining them and of setting up a partnership with parents. 

Keywords: child’s development, education, parents, teachers, partnership. 

Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković