The motivation’s factors of tutors in boarding schools

Reflection and Researches

Motivation is a very important part of every organisation, for it is one of the most important factors, crutial for the efficiency of employees. Their leader should constantly ask himself what motivates employees and which motivating factors are at his disposal. In our artice we concentrated on the boording schools as specific educational establishments which are set up by the state for the students of secondary schools, but on the other hand the holders of those educational establishments are dormitory tutors. We tried to find out the real motivation among those boarding school’s tutors through our research. We wanted to establish what motivates them most at their work, which factors are in their opinion the most important for the successful educational work, what is important to feel fine at work and in what extent the factors are really carried out. The factors that dormitory tutors expect to be fulfilled and fortunately they really are, are the following: interesting work, good mutual relations, possibility of one personal growth, taking part in decision making, suitable salaries and being rewarded for one’s work. The findings of the research could be in help for the headmasters, for it shows which motivating factors are the most important for boarding school’s tutors. We also tried to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of being motivated at work so far. All the findings might be a great tribute when searching new aims and methods of developing mutual relations, furthemore for increasing better conditions of employees to feel better and changing the organizing behaviour in theboarding schools, whose part is the development of human sources as well. 

Keywords: Motivation, motivating factors, boarding schools, tutors. 

Ema Djorcev