Vision of use of information and communication technologies in “new” school system

Reflection and Researches

The text presents the vision of use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in England, as well as in some other (Arabic and European) countries. With the support of different world-wide respected organizations (BESA, BECTA, European Schoolnet …), the direction of development and use of IKT in the area of education has been indicated. Two strategically important views of consideration have been presented more detailed: equipping school with machines and also about the method of financial support of VIZ (educational institutions) in the area of ICT. Some possibilities of use and indicated key elements have also been showed, which are needed for good national vision. 

Keywords: ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), strategy, vision, development, quality of live. 

Andrej Flogie, mag. Gorazd Ivan Gumzej