Didactic analysis of web-based distance-learning applications

Discussions and Researches

Last decade’s technological development in the field of information technology has boosted the range of varieties of its use in the educational process and given new dimensions to this new type of education. Distance-learning nowadays is practised by several institutions, each differing from the other in its formal status, in the sorts of its teaching and learning materials, in its ways and range of counselling and the range of its communication with the participants, as well as in its didactic concept, etc. It is the latter which is of great importance and which has too often been taken into account too superficially. Therefore it shall be covered more thoroughly in this article. 

Keywords: Distance learning, distance education, computer based learning, interactivity, multimedia, videoconference, web based educatin, web based learning material, didactic aspects, didactic material, didactic model, distance communication, strategies, flexible learning. 

Ph.D. Ivan Gerlič