ICT knowledge and electronic dairy in education process in boarding schools

Discussions and Researches

Information technology has for some time now been an integral part of education and management processes in boarding schools. In recent years various forms of electronic diaries of tutors’ work have appeared. New contemporary work methods, used by tutors who are a motivated for introducing the necessary and inevitable novelties into the pedagogic practises, have been put into effect. Such novelties are generated by the changes in schools as well as in environment generally. Our paper deals with the contents, significance, objectives, and with advantages and weaknesses of electronic diary of the tutor’s work. The electronic form of diary of the tutor’s work accelerates it and increases the access to it by the authorised staff and those interested in information on the pedagogic group and on individual students as the data may be conveyed through intranet and internet. A survey was carried out in boarding schools searching for the opinions of headmasters and tutors on the advantages and diadvantages of electronic diary of tutor’s work. It searched for eventual weaknesses and strengths of the process which may be important for introducing and applying of the innovation in a pedagogic process. Simultaneously the attitudes of pedagogic staff on this novelty were checked. 

Keywords: boarding school, electronic diary of tutor’s work, ICT – Information and Communication Tehnology, skills, innovation, pedagogic process, research. 

M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Ph.D. Metod Černetič