Knowledge quality model – towards a model of bologna process implementation

Discussions and Researches

In today’s world knowledge is a key lever of development. Influencing and shaping the environment, as well as possibility of creation and positioning within the environment is to a great extent connected with knowledge management. The process of knowledge management is a moving force in the spiral of knowledge creation. A newly designed knowledge structure is required also by the much-sought economic knowledge. Applying knowledge in economics is nowadays taken not only as a product, or a new business opportunity. In addition, it creates a critical framework for the development of scientific information. Companies are now looking for predominantly applicative solutions to the problems perceived and identified in their operation. Awareness that investment into education brings excellent returns, a growing need for life-long learning and continuous expansion of knowledge through interdisciplinary approach are all systematically and justifiably built into a knowledge quality model. Implementing the Bologna process in the education of economists (undergraduate studies, graduate studies, doctoral studies) requires constant changing, adaptation, innovation and transparency of the model. 

Keywords: scientific information, knowledge quality, the Bologna process. 

Ph.D. Maja Lamza – Maronić, Ph.D. Jerko Glavaš