The culture of education in the technological era

Discussions and Researches

The aim of the present study is to show the theoretical and practical basis used by the predominant culture of education. It offers a thematic analysis of the culture of education in the contemporary time. In the author’s opinion this time is characterised by technology. In the first part, the aim of the study is to define the characteristics of metaphysics, which has ultimately been shaped by the modern science. Furthermore, it deals with the structure of metaphysics, which can be traced also in the modern theory of education. In the second part the author defines the culture of education by analysing the essence of technology. The author concludes that there is nothing technological in the essence of technology, and that the essence of technology cannot be controlled by technological means. 

Keywords: pedagogy, theory of education, culture of education, modern science, the essence of technology. 

M.Sc. Andrej Pavletič