The meaning of individual collaboration about school and parents

Discussions and Researches

The tutors in boarding schools must co-operate with the pupils’ parents if they wish to be successful in forming their mutual relationships with pupils as such relationships build a basis of efficient educational influence on pupil. The boarding schools as institutions and tutors as individuals use various ways of co-operating with parents whereby the information is the essential part of co-operation. In this paper the individual model of co-operation between parents and tutors will be discussed. Also the advantages of individual relationships, the direct and indirect co-operation as well as the forms of individual co-operation which are applied by parents and tutors will be dealt with. Various individual forms and methods of communication between tutors in boarding schools and their parents will be presented. 

Keywords: co-operation, pupils, parents, tutors, boarding school. 

Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković, M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Ph.D. Metod Černetič