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Paradox of tolerance – Vuk-Pavlović before popper

One of the key issues in determinig the concept of tolerance is so called paradox of tolerance. Both formulation and solution of this paradox are attributed to Karl Popper, and it is considered essential for consideration of social relationships within liberal democracy. This article shows, not intending to belittle any credit to Popper, that Croatian philosopher Pavao Vuk-Pavlović has explained paradox of tolerance and offered a better solution to it much earlier then Popper, which remained unknown even to Croatian and particulary to world philosophic community. 

Keywords: democracy, Karl Popper, paradox of tolerance, Pavao Vuk-Pavlović. 

Ph.D. Milan Polić

Vlado Miheljak’s book review: Cognitive basis of psychology 

M.Sc. Roman Vodeb