Multimedia story in classroom and emotional well-being

Theory and Researches

The main aim of this paper is to present theoretical and research literature review, regarding the best theoretical models concerning Multimedia and fostering emotional well-being in classroom with multimedia story. We try to understand these issues in relation to theory and application, to find the frontier of research on a problem, to relate a problem to existing theory, and to put a conceptualized problem in the context of previous research. There are theoretical models concerning Multimedia and cognitive and motivational processes. However, such models are missing for emotional processes. In order to find and develop such a model, studies from literary text (child story) research were analyzed. Literary text (child story) research was chosen as a starting point because from psychological view Multimedia environments often contain texts (or stories) with an emotional quality. The resulting model relates Multimedia elements, story elements, perceptual-cognitive-emotional processes and emotional outcomes to each other. Theoretical implications concern the expansion of the model in respect to other Multimedia elements and to the integration with existing cognitive and motivational approaches. Practical implications deal with Multimedia design and dramaturgical e-learning strategies. 

Keywords: Multimedia, emotion, well – being, model. 

Dr. Lence Miloseva