Overprotection as a significant factor in the care of young people with impaired mobility

Theory and Researches

The article deals with the effects of overprotection on the care and development of children with impaired mobility. Overprotection is defined and its importance in the development process of separation and individualisation presented. The focus is on the professional work of carers caring for young people with impaired mobility. It was found that young people in their primary environment are more overprotected than healthy young people and that we in the role of professional carers in care institutions must be protective but not overprotected. Corroborating the above assertion are two theoretical standpoints and one empirical. Theoretically these are the developmental, analytical process of separation and individualisation of author M. Mahler (according to Mahler, 1975) and the concept of emotions of author Z. Milivojević (according to Milivojević, 1999) and the empirical standpoint derived from my own research (R. Ožek, 2004). 

Keywords: overprotected care, child with impaired mobility, process of separation and individualisation, carers, care institution. 

M.Sc. Simona R. Ožek