Women in leadership – head-mistress of Boarding schools in Slovenia

Management in Education

In contribution, Women in leadership – head-mistress of boarding schools in Slovenia, I try to show the presence of women on these places and to find out influences or obstacles for increase the presence of women in leadership. Teoretical part of this contribution represent leadership as a command of people, for what is important not only identification of people conduct, but also knowing yourself. Power and ability of leading depends on personality of a leader and on organisation structure, to what adapts style of leading. Many authors, wich have analysed women in leadership, are finding out a lot of positive in women princips of leading, wich are also more acceptable for workers in developed society. Although, it exists an obstacle called »glassy seeling«, that makes woman impossible to step on the top. It is noticed, that »glassy seeling« becomes thinner, but it still exists. With a research, that gives us a little peace of womens positive orientation in leadership, I have tried to show that presence of women has grown by leading youth hostels and that by their style of leading dominates co-operation. With social development is the distance between men and women parts more an more tighter. Higher you go on the scale of work exacting, smaller the differences are, more equaly women and men are.

Keywords: woman, leadership, boarding school, research.

Antonija Berden