Measure the knowledge in global society

Reflections and Ideas

The critics of modern society ask themselves how many traditional jobs are replaced by the jobs based on knowledge. Why do the contemporary societies try to measure the knowledge? The article presents the collections of indicators of knowledge society according to OECD, EU, and APEC. We will discuss the essence of learning of the whole society which is based on the learning of individuals and teams. Further, we will talk about the knowledge thus created that is not saved only in the heads of individuals it is common to the whole groups and about the fact that it is more than just the sum total of the knowledge in heads of individuals or of individual teams. To a high degree the learning of a group depends on their members and their mutual relationships. The paper also deals with the questions as: the process of learning at the level of organization, process and conditions of creating the knowledge in an organization, knowledge of a society.

Keywords: education, knowledge, organization, learning process, intellectual and social capital, indicators of the knowledge society.

dr. Metod Černetič, mag. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič