Positive psychology: positive emotions and emotional intelligence

Reflections and Ideas

The paper focuses on the and emotional intelligence. We try to answer on some questions regarding the role which positive emotions have in our life’s. The broaden-and-build theory (Fredrickson, 1998; 2001) predicts that positive emotions are useful in several ways. They guide present behavior, by broadening one’s attention and cognition, setting the stage for creative, explorative, and innovative pursuits. As well, positive emotions build personal and social resources to help individuals achieve better lives in the future. Like the broaden-and-build theory, emotional intelligence theory marks the intersection between two fundamental components of psychology: the cognitive and the emotional systems. By linking the two theories, it becomes apparent that the knowledge and use of positive emotions comprise an important skill set for effective personal and social functioning.

Key words: positive emotions, behaviour, emotional intelligence, social skills.

dr. Lence Miloseva