Some aspects of violent behavior of the elementary school children – the problem of family, school and society

Discourses and Researches

Social sensibility for children’s problems and pedagogical competencies of teachers are some of the basis needed to accomplish one of the most important goals of education – development and protection of children. Results of a research conducted on a sample of 161 elementary school children show that a large number of children has been exposed to violence in family and school. Noticed lack of social support from teachers emphasizes the need of further systematic researches of peer relations and the reasons for the lack of teachers’ response. The results of this research show the need for the revision of educational practice since there are many positive experiences in the prevention of violence that are based on the promotion of children’s cognitive and socio-emotional competencies.

Keywords: relationship between children, violence, peers, parents, teachers.

Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković