Aesthetics and electronic media in postfeminism

ICT in Education

The text «Aesthetics and electronic media in postfeminism» analises contemporary and dinamic thematics of artistic use, aesthetic evaluation and psychological influence of electronic mass media on the human life. The aim of this writing is a result of an analitic research of artistic electronic mass media (photography, film, TV, video, computers and multimedia) and shows us that contemporary electronic media do not subordinate any more to the classical aesthetic criteria, but to the concept of «worth» and so to the quantity of successful (aesthetical) implementing of egsistential supportings in these new media. This, as we claim, completely new aesthetics was our interest from the aspect of developing individualization and enpowerment of individuality by electronic media, where we have stressed the importance of orchestrated multimedia performances. We have based our research on contemporary accomplishments of global transpersonal psychology which we considered as appropriate for entire insight in the Individuum without sexual discriminations, the way we see contemporary postfeministic theory.

Key words: electronic media, aesthetics, multimedia, performance, postfeminism.

M.Sc. Vesna Srnić