Media product as the result of media designers education at Faculty of education in Sombor

ICT in Education

Faculty of Education in Sombor, following-up epochal changes created by “digital revolution”, educates professionals for media design in education. Corresponding to new conditions of life and work, new educational paradigm, which means transfer from offered instruction to school of demands and new technologies, such as multimedia and Internet, impose the usage of new teaching aids and along with that, new teaching methods. Technological progress significantly effects education and radically changes current teaching and learning process. We witness the process of education that does not end with graduation at academic studies, but it continues throughout the lifetime. It is essential to prepare young people for these changes, to educate them in time to use technological innovations and creatively act in the areas of work they have chosen. The aim of this paper is to present the experience gained through realization of teaching contexts during the course Media in Education, and creation of knowledge sources needed for examining the application of media in educational process.

Keywords: media, media designer, media product.

Ph.D. Vukan Popović