The professional development of software ELEVATE for elearning designing

ICT in Education

ELEVATE proposes a hybrid training and certification environment, which integrates the application software to be taught in the pedagogical-documented educational process, allowing the software development SMEs to deliver innovative e-training services and to address the needs of their business partners and customers. Thus, ELEVATE addresses the business needs of the software development SMEs in the field of application software training through their business partners and customers networks. As the software development SMEs have restricted resources to allocate in R&D activities with regard to secondary corporate objectives, including e-training in the produced application software products, ELEVATE provides SMEs with the oipportunity to develop and deliver high level and quality of training material that addresses their needs and their shortcomings.

Keywords: eLearning, competence skills, training, software enterprise, professional development.

Ph.D. Iraklis Paraskakis, Ph.D. Stelios Pantelopoulos, Ph.D. Kostas Kalaboukas