Student’s leading without restaint in Boarding school Poljane since 1993–2002

Theory and Practice

In the Dijaški dom Poljane (Boarding school Poljane), the only female boarding school in Ljubljana, the standard punitive educational measures have not been taken against rule-breakers since the beginning of the school year 1993/1994 due to their negative effect on the interaction between students and educators. Students whose needs are poorly met, consequently cannot take responsibility for their behaviour. With the help of knowledge, derived from dr.William Glasser’s theory of choice and reality therapy, educators chose discussion with students instead of punitive measures in order to help them gain insight into the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour as well as make the decision about future positive changes, which could bring pleasure to them and others. Learning of new behaviour brought enviable success to students, educators and anyone involved in education process.

Keywords: boarding school, responsible behaviour, discussion, insight, good interaction.

Milena Magdalena Kejžar