Gender roles and youth conduct

Discourses and Researches

Under the influences of the social environment, boys and girls learn their sex roles, specific rules and values from the early childhood. They grow up in the world of clear sexual duality. In their effort to act “right” they adopt the widespread conceptions and develop their self-image: behaviour, emotion, and the role that each of them is connecting with his/her own self, in accordance with the accepted image of male and female. In the comparative study, we tried to determine how fourteen-year-old schoolboys and schoolgirls in Slovene, Austrian and Croatian primary schools evaluate the field of activities in: free time, home and schoolwork and personal traits. The study gives important information about the image of schoolboys and schoolgirls in seventh grade. It reveals that the girls’ answers are closely related to the sexual tendency of self-image and the image of the opposite sex.

Keywords: pupils, field of activities, free time, home and schoolwork, stereotypes.

Ph.D. Cankar Franc, M.Sc. Brigitte Feucht