Formal education in secondary schools in Serbia

Newness, Ideas and Reflections

Formal secondary education is a life’s crossroads, a gate through which one enters the social and economic progress. It should prepare young people so they could easily involve themselves in the period of mature life, i. e. to prepare themselves for working (professional) activity. Formal secondary education is the constituent part of educational and breeding system (especially of the institutional kind) through which all essential questions from the primary (elementary) to higher education are entwined. The content of secondary school curricula depend on general, competent and concrete social requests needed for doing jobs of certain complexity in certain working section in which accomplishments of modern science, technology, culture and art, as well as national values should be reflected. As an important part of formal secondary education, professional orientation has an influence on making a right choice of one’s professional occupation, which provides complete fulfillment of working potentials as well as his or hers own needs and wishes.

Keywords: secondary school, formal education, professional education, professional orientation.

Vesna Minič, Ph.D.